Pale and Tragic (112oceanave) wrote,
Pale and Tragic

Comic 3

H'okay, we've all heard of it happening, right? Dingoes. They eat babies. Scientifically documented, mostly in Australia because... well, Dingoes are only in Australia and Australia is an island so until they hop airplanes or boats or whatever we don't have to worry about dingoes eating our babies in the US.

If y'all still have 0 idea what I'm talking about rent A Cry in the Dark and let the LOLZ begin. Based on a real story. True facts, you guys.

I tried to find a clip on youtube of Meryl's favorite line, "A DINGO ATE MY BABY!" but there's a marked lack of clips of it. So, like I said, rent the movie ♥







EDIT: OH. Anybody catch the trailer for Back To You on Fox? "You're like a dingo in a maternity ward!" Yeah... oh, and ♥♥♥ to Audrey for the idea for the non-sequitur last panel.

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