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Pale and Tragic's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Pale and Tragic

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Comic 4 [06 Nov 2007|09:38pm]
what if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?Collapse )

Comic 3 [11 Oct 2007|04:02pm]
so the dingo has eaten your baby...Collapse )

comic 2 [28 Sep 2007|01:00am]
it's tough to have a crush...Collapse )


comic 1 [28 Sep 2007|12:59am]
the DVR has been stuck on Fear and Loathing ALL FUCKING WEEKCollapse )

♥ Coco

The comments I got the first time around
The original post in its entirety

[28 Sep 2007|12:46am]

Just to say a little bit about what I'm about and what one can expect in these comics. Catherine, Grissom and Sara are most likely to come up. They just are. I'm mainly Grissom/Catherine but I like poking fun at them too and I do. I also love slash (mostly femmeslash but manslash too). And I like to rag on Sara... but I rag on Catherine and Grissom too, I'm not trying to start drama, I'm not attacking anyone (least of all Marg, Billy and Jorja ♥ I love them!).

My own personal drama disclaimer being out of the way I would also like to say that I do not own CSI or its characters in any form, I do not own the images, I don't even own the captions I wrote on the pictures. All intellectual property are the property of its creater, Anthony Zuiker and I make no profit from this.

The sites that I have used to obtain the screencaps are:

Muchas gracias to the mods at all of those sites!

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