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Pale and Tragic
23 May
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Information, bitchez...

Enjoy all those nice cuddly fluffy online comics? This isn't one of those. There just is going to be some judicious making fun of all the CSIs and oh well.

Disclaimer of Drama/Ownership

The sites that I have used to obtain the screencaps are:

Muchas gracias to the mods at all of those sites! You run some beautiful sites and I'd be lost without every single one of you! Especially d_kronk & ericasj for GraveshiftCSI and Beyond Imagination. You guys are awesome and dedicated and THANK you!

Also, I really don't claim to be a capslocker, the font I use just happens to only use capital letters and it is ChromosomeLight for those of you playing along at home. I just love the font ♥ and the "Crime Scene" (as well as info and watch) in the layout is written in CrimeSceneAfterImage and the "instigation" is Miss Brooks.

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